To attend to contracts between contractors, employers and consultants.
Presenting legal & technical consultation and preparation of important construction, commercial and referral contracts.
Estimation of contactor’s claim and calculation and announcement of updated value of claims at the time of payment.
Expert work and determination of scope of incurred losses arising from performance of employer, contractor or consultant.
Recompense calculation of unanticipated construction works in contracts.
Recognition of reasons and causes of change in contract period and calculation of legal value resulting from that.
Examination of project’s delays and value calculation of delays in terms of Rial in contracts.
Examination of suspension or expedition of project and presentation of expert work’s report (calculation of their value in terms of Rial)
Examination of validation or lack of validation reasons of guarantee records for obligations and virtue of the work performance.
Presentation of expert work’s report of incurred non-material and material losses due to guarantees record and/or blocked claims
Presentation of expert work’s report of value calculation for change in quantity of work, new prices, adjustment rate of contract in terms of Rial.
Examination & presentation of expert work’s report of validity or lack of validity of reasons of contract’s cancellation and loss estimation resulting from that.
Conformity validation of rules & regulation and general conditions of agreement in contract.
Commentary Conformity of general conditions of agreement, rules & by-laws with contractors’ current contracts.
Preparation of finial invoice of contractors’ contract based on article 51, 52 and status of accounts and adjustment rate of agreement &…
Presentation of comparative report of contract’s invoice with documents and rules & by-laws.
Obtaining required inquiries for preparation of invoice for contractors from relevant authorities and follow up for quickening.
Preparation of estimation report subject of engineering law of value in specific contracts.
Preparation of estimation report of intellectual ownership and intangible assets and registered exclusive rights.
Preparation of estimation & evaluation report of property & asset’s value and value of companies’ stock.
Preparation of estimation report of projects and construction plans for decision making in tenders and auctions.
Preparation of justification plans’ report and evaluation of available plans due to execution and possibility of achieving objective.
Announcing opinion in connection with estimation of work’s execution, the total sum of agreement, initial and final sum, coefficient, rate and duration of agreement.
Providing reason and evaluation in case of damages and losses resulting from work and work insurance like death, wound, &.
Determination of factor, providing reason and evaluation in case of incurred losses to installation infrastructure
Examination of program scheduling validity and physical & finical progress( in terms of Rial).
Determination and taking statistics of duties of contractors, employers and consultant in specific contract.
Computation and attend to statement of accounts and calculation of items of general conditions of agreement in the contract.
Examination and evaluation of prepared studies, report and plans through consulting engineer.
Examination, evaluation and report presentation of providing reason of execution virtue of plans through contractors.
To attend and supervision on trend of temporary or delivery stages in plans.
Presentation of recommended plans for management improvement and adjustment of chart and obtaining required standards of international plans.
Presentation of consultation and technical services abroad for justification of Iranian and foreign commercial companies’ right.
Preparation of required documents in other languages for presentation in international courts such as international court of Hague and …regarding tenders and international contracts.
Litigation plan and follow up of obtaining result in international courts and introduction of competent lawyers regarding tenders and international contracts
.Presenting consultation regarding internal & external consortium for participation in international tenders.